VA 8th District Candidate Forum

A refreshing change of pace from the presidential election, the eighth district congressional candidates Don Beyer, Charles Hernick, and Julio Gracia talked all about the issues when they came to Arlington to participate in a civil forum sponsored by Inspire Virginia and the League of Women Voters.

During the night, the candidates explained their qualifications for the position, including their collective extensive public service for Virginia citizens, commitment to working on nationwide issues like national security and education, or local issues like the Metro system and state taxes. After answering questions introduced by Inspired Leader Jordan Dixon, who served as one of the moderators, and audience posed questions that gave insight into each candidates favored presidential candidate or provided an opportunity for each candidate to go into more depth on a particular issue. Beyer, Hernick, and Garcia respectfully expressed different plans to tackle the most pressing concerns.


Having the opportunity to greet each candidate at the door and listen to their perspectives about issues concerning my future including college tuition, updates to the Metro system, and many more, I admire what all three candidates have done thus far to find out the problems that most directly affect Virginia citizens. While I will not be eligible to vote this November, the forum reminded me that voters have more than just the presidential candidates on their ballots; there are so many more issues for which my peers need to give their input by voting!

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Don Beyer

Charles Hernick

Julio Gracia

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