Jessica Edwards

Saint Stephen's and Saint Agnes' School

Class of 2017

What extracurricular activities and hobbies do you enjoy?

- Volunteering with children through tutoring, working as a camp counselor, or helping plan a camp for kids in Romania and Haiti
- Playing volleyball and running track
- Performing through Stage One Players (school drama club) in musicals
- Activities in STEM including FIRST Robotics Club, Programming Club, Science Bowl Team, and working as a camp counselor in tech camps
- Other clubs: Student Business Association, CAPPIES (theater critics program), Unity Through Diversity Club, French Club, church youth group

If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would you pick? Why?

I would love to have dinner with Grace Hopper to find out more about her accomplishments, find out how she was able to come up with one of the first high-level programming languages, discover how she feels about current technological innovations like the smartphone, and see how she feels about the actions being taken to get more women in technology fields. 

What has been your proudest moment?

One of my proudest moments occurred this summer when I went on a trip with some of my classmates to our partner school in Montrouis, Haiti, St. Paul’s Episcopal School, to run a summer camp. The kids at St. Paul’s were always happy and full of life for the week that we were there, so I was excited to see the difference we had made in their lives through giving them consistent meals (which we raised money for before the trip) and a little fun, even though I know there’s still a lot of work to do in the country. 

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Speed reading. I would love to be able to fully grasp the context of a 400 page book within an hour. Not only would it be a helpful skill to have in my education and career, but imagine how many books I could read in just a day!

What would be the title of your autobiography?

Testament of a Dreamer

Why are you committing to the Inspired Year?

I’m committing to the Inspired Year to develop my leadership skills, improve my local community, and to encourage others to make a difference themselves by registering to vote and caring about their communities.

What does civic engagement mean to you?

To me, civic engagement means encouraging others in one’s community to become involved in the issues that impact them and improve their quality of life through both political and non-political processes.

What's your favorite thing about Virginia?

It’s so diverse! From northern VA being right near the metro with easy access to the DMV and DC’s city lights to parts of southern VA far away from busy streets, Virginia is a place for anyone and everyone. 


Where would you like to see Virginia in 20 years?

I would like VA to keep its ties strong between its northern and southern parts for the next twenty years and beyond. Although they are different, northern and southern VA each offer unique aspects that make Virginia a great state.

If you could tell Governor McAuliffe one thing, what would you tell him?

I would tell him to continue reconstructing Virginia’s economy, maintaining jobs throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, and strengthening Virginia’s education system, as the state’s future workers and leaders are in schools all over the state. 

Is there anything else you would like people to know about you? 

Nope, but I’m excited for the Inspired Year!