Paloma Ibañez

Paloma Ibañez

Paloma doesn’t like writing bios. But she wants you to know that she is passionate about empowering the Rising American Electorate, which is just one reason why she is so excited to work with Inspire Arizona. Paloma loves and is dedicated to building community and making systemic social justice change.

Paloma is a native Arizonan and a first generation college graduate with a B.A. in Environmental Studies (after 5 degree changes – she really likes making change). She was a Dorrance Scholar and became forever more active in youth leadership development as a 2007 Young People For (YP4) Fellow. Paloma joined the YP4 staff and, after 3 years with YP4 in Washington, DC she returned home. She still has her foot in the national scene but is committed to focus her work in her home state. Her YP4 family inspires her on the daily and she is eager to build our Inspire network in Arizona. 

She is honored and pumped to be on the board of Launch Progress, a non-partisan, non-profit, that works to support young people who run for local office. Paloma has had the pleasure of participating in the Center for Progressive Leadership's New Leaders Fellowship Program and now as a Thrive Fellow with Generation Waking Up. She is the alumna advisor for her sorority, Gamma Alpha Omega, ensuring that women of color excel in higher education.

Paloma wants to travel the world, is working on a vegetarian lifestyle, and hopes to wake up someday with mountains of musical talent. Paloma is committed to a life of service. Her twitter bio sums her up best: a tree hugger, star-gazer, eternal optimist, progressive, and believer in people.

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